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Chapter 1

'Just missed ya, Boss.' he said. 'If it t'weren't for that girl...' his head shaking in dismay.

The images continued.

The ambulance, sirens blaring. Medics insisting on checking him out, plastering his pathetic excuse for an injury while all he wanted to do was to watch over his saviour, his view blocked by other medics. Then the trip to the hospital, the thorough check up, the lack of information on her condition, the waiting and the watching.

Then more waiting and more watching.

Ethan shifted uncomfortably in the seat beside the bed after replaying the scene once again in his head. Guilt assailed him as his painful bruised back reminded him that his full weight had landed on her head. Typical woman! Didn't know how to tackle, he thought unfairly. Concussion the doctors said but no fracture. Lucky girl they said. But still she lies asleep.

She has to wake up. Doctors came and went. Nurses checked and rechecked. The tea trolley made its rounds and visitors finding loved ones filed past but still she slept. Ethan liked to think she was sleeping.

It sounded more promising.

Ethan glanced over at the sleeping figure for what felt like the thousandth time. She was tiny. Hard to tell in the bed but he reckoned she was no more than 5'2'. Her skin was lightly tanned and cute freckles sprinkled over her nose. The combined impact of the dust and grime of the accident and the air conditioning had robbed her auburn tresses of life, which now lay dull limply clinging to her pillow. The nurses hadn't dared wash it until the doctors gave the all clear. It was valiantly trying to curl in the face of such neglect. Her nose like the rest of her was pert and tiny, giving the impression of extreme youth.

It was only her mouth that didn't follow the trend. Full and lush lips lightly parted revealed even white teeth. Ethan was sure her smile would light up a room. If she ever smiled again. He felt a stirring of attraction and disgusted with himself killed it.

David his driver, an ex-cop had pointed out that morning when he brought Ethan a change of clothes that she wore her nails short and unvarnished and had a pronounced shorts and socks tan line. How he knew Ethan didn't dare ask. He suggested that she worked outside with her hands in casual clothes similar to what she had on when she tackled Ethan.


Tennis coach?

Builder? Hardly big enough to wield a hammer Ethan thought.

Took me out though, thank God. A groan so soft brought Ethan to his feet and roused him from his tormented thoughts. Leaning over he saw deep blue eyes open a fraction clouded in pain and he mused looking a little lost.

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