Executive Sweet (A Sample) (3: Hostile Takeover, page 1 of 13)

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Thursday, May 24

Kay was sitting near Doris's desk, reading and observing. She had a beautiful private office down the hall, but during these first few weeks, while she was still learning the ropes, she needed to be out here where the action was, watching traffic go in and out of Dan's office. She also needed to learn from Doris.

The downside of sitting out here was that everyone noticed her, and they all asked questions. Soon Doris started having fun with the answers, making up a different one each time someone asked.

"She's in training."

"She's from the field office."

"Shhh! Don't talk to her-she's from the health department."

Some people approached Kay first, and she had just as much fun making up answers.

"I'm from sales."

"I'm making a special delivery."

"I'm . . ." Looks around, whispers conspiratorially, "I'm not really supposed to be here."

The elevator door opened, and a trim young man came out. He wore a stylish three-piece suit, had perfectly coiffed blonde hair, and his mustache was pencil-thin. Doris gave him a big hello and he ran over to hug her. Soon they were lost in excited gossip.

At one point the man noticed Kay and squinted at her for a second, then he turned away and kept talking. Kay's gaydar flared up. There was something about his outfit, his perfect little mustache, and the way he giggled as he gossiped with Doris. If he wasn't gay, he was seriously metrosexual.

A few minutes later, he looked at Kay again, still squinting with a puzzled look on his face. "Say, are you that girl everyone's talking about? The one who did a snake dance on the CEO's desk?"

"Snake dance!" She wondered how long it would take for these deals to get into the rumor mill. That was fast. Doris did the introductions. "Raymond Stone, meet Kay Gershon. Raymond is our computer guy. He keeps the machines running around here. He also knows what's going on at Yorick, so if he says you did a snake dance, then you did a snake dance." She smiled and turned to Raymond. "What do you know about this? Are there any videos?" She glanced at Kay and winked.

"I don't know of any videos." Raymond's eyes bounced back and forth between Doris and Kay, then settled on Kay with a little grin. "Maybe you have some videos."

"Me? What makes you think I'm the snake dancer?"

Raymond laughed loudly. "Now I know it's you." He got up and walked over to Kay to shake her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kay the snake dancer."

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