Executive Sweet (A Sample) (2: Desk Job, page 1 of 13)

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Tuesday, May 22

Kay was sitting at Doris's desk in the skimpiest outfit she had worn in years, waiting for Jason Mack to arrive. Wow, I'm such a tramp. Mack's first view of her would be a frilly light pink blouse, loose, low cut, and so wide at the neck that one side was slipping off her shoulder. When she stood up, he'd also get a look at her straight black miniskirt and black stiletto heels, separated by miles of bare leg. The guy wouldn't know what hit him.

And talk about shoes! These nasty little fuck-me heels would be reason enough for Jason Mack to attack her. They raised her 5'8" stature to more than six feet tall. Watch out, girl. Was this outfit really necessary? Doris seemed to think that Mack would like it, but he also would have been satisfied with something a lot less extreme. When Kay had gone shopping yesterday, she was still riding the high of playing this game. Each item that she held up to herself took her breath away. But today, when she had put it all on and walked to Doris's desk, the thrill had morphed into a sense of danger. This was going to be a test of Dan's promise to protect her.

Few people came to the executive floor, but each time someone did, the elevator dinged and Kay jumped a bit. Would it be him? Her plan was to look away until Mack was right at her desk, then catch him off-guard with one of her warmest gazes. As people got off the elevator, she would look down and watch discretely, only looking up when she was sure he hadn't arrived.

The elevator dinged, and Kay lowered her head, as she had done a handful of times already. But this time as the door opened, she shivered-her sixth sense told her that Jason Mack was here. She tried to identify his face in her peripheral vision, but she couldn't be sure, so she raised her eyes a little to get a better look. Yes, it's him. She'd seen the pictures; that was definitely Jason Mack standing by the elevator. Keep your head down . . . wait for it. Kay sat and waited for Mack to come to the desk, but something was wrong. He was taking too long. She looked up part way and nearly broke out laughing. Mack was immobilized, staring at her from the other side of the room. They were in a standoff; Kay was not going to acknowledge him until he got closer, and Mack simply wouldn't move at all.

I can play this game. Mack probably had better things to do today and would move eventually. Kay, however, had nothing better to do than sit there and let him stare. She cleared her mind and looked down, ready and able to wait him out.

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