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Over the years, Kay had experimented with her looks and learned just how powerful they could be. Sometimes she would downplay her appearance in an attempt to be taken seriously and treated normally, but it usually failed. On rare occasions she would dress provocatively, just to see how people would react. Besides an appealing face, she had a good figure with all of the curves that she knew men loved. In high school, Kay had played a game with her cheerleader friends that involved wandering through the local mall wearing short shorts and tube tops, counting the number of men who stumbled while staring at them. Kay usually did well, often winning extra points for causing collisions.

But today was not a day to play around with her appearance. First-impressions are important and she would be meeting many new people. Kay wore a well-tailored charcoal business suit with a straight knee-length skirt. Her off-white blouse was simple, cotton, and buttoned all the way up. Her only accessories were a short pearl necklace borrowed from her mother and a gold watch borrowed from her father. But even in this modest attire, few failed to notice her.

The receptionist finished her phone conversation calmly. "Okay, I'll tell her. Bye." She turned to Kay. "Well, I called Mr. Monroe, but he isn't doing your new employee orientation after all. Instead, get this . . ." She paused for effect, an exaggerated look of shock on her face. Tell me already. "Instead, your orientation is going to be handled by Doris Chandler."

That's it? All this yelling and whining over a simple change of personnel? Kay blew out her breath and relaxed. She would be able to start work, after all. It certainly didn't matter to her if someone else was doing her orientation. Besides, she would most likely never see that person again. "What's wrong with Doris Chandler?"

"You don't understand. Doris Chandler doesn't do new employee orientations-she's the CEO's administrator."

That didn't sound right. Even the man staring at Kay looked at the receptionist for a moment before turning back to admire Kay even more. She narrowed her eyes. "Is this some kind of a joke?"

"Nope. I know Melissa and she insists this is for real. Or, if it is a joke, she isn't in on it." The receptionist held her palms up and shrugged. "In any case, they want you to report to Ms. Chandler on floor thirty-seven-the top floor. Here's your badge."

Kay took the badge and tried to keep her voice light and friendly. "Nice welcoming committee you've got here." But inside her head, warning bells were starting to ring.

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