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This book was shaped significantly by Amy Lansky, my publisher, editor, collaborator, close friend, and so much more. Amy read the book multiple times and gave me important comments.

My second editor, Jena Roach, also gave me valuable feedback and helped make the book what it is today.

Thanks are also due to my other readers: Sally Ahnger, Susie Kessler, Breht Napoli, and Izaak Rubin.

Max Lansky Rubin did a very nice cover. It may not have the requisite buff male torso, but it represents the book perfectly.

I would also like to thank two businessmen who gave me advice on the real world of business (something with which I admit to having no real experience): Sam Bronsky and David Mitchell.

And of course, where would I be without Stanley Ardman, who is there for me when I need him most?

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