Music of Souls~~Eternity's Opus (A Sample) (Chapter Three, page 2 of 2)

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Sarah stood and hugged him. "The only thing we can do is support her. Time heals all wounds. You need to be patient."

"Yeah, that's basically what she said, but I can't stand seeing her like this."

"The fact she is going through this is a testament to how much she loves you. Deep devotion involves emotion that isn't always easy."

"It sounds ridiculous, yet I would give anything to make it through one night without having to feed on her."

"That is ironic, but if it helps, you shouldn't feel guilty."

Connor pursed his lips. "Man, you must be getting pretty strong, eh?"

"I suppose so. Elisabeth says I feel a bit warmer than prior to being staked, and the other day when I cut myself shaving, it seemed to take longer to heal than usual."

"Do you think that's from her blood or the whole resurrection thing?"

"I'm not sure. I still feel the heightened sensory perception, but that came before I started binging on her blood."

"Hmm, can vampires get fat from too much blood?" Jackson and Sarah both raised their eyebrows and chuckled at the newborn. "Right, stupid question."

Sarah pinched his cheek. "Sometimes you're so cute I could just eat you up."

"Hold that thought for later."

Jackson stood and headed for the stairs. "On that note, I shall bid you goodnight and leave you to your debauchery."

He stood beside the bed watching Elisabeth. Her face still wore the calm his venom had provided. "I hope you can hold onto your bliss until morning, my love."


Sarah set down a seafood casserole on the table. "I was thinking about what to have for Christmas dinner. How does leg of lamb sound?"

Elisabeth smacked her lips. "Oooh, I love leg of lamb."

"Baaaht, of course you do," bleated Jackson.

Connor nearly choked on his wine, but Sarah did not get the joke. "What's so funny?"

"Does the term 'wolf in sheep's clothing' provide a clue?"

Sarah slapped Jackson's arm. "You're such a jerk."

Elisabeth rolled her eyes. "Thank you, Sarah. You know he is incapable of passing up a wolf joke."

"Ah, it is only because I adore you, my precious pup. Fleas and all."

"No, I think Sarah's explanation is more accurate. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with you."

He winked suggestively. "I'm your soul mate; you have no choice in the matter."

Sarah giggled. "You have my sympathy."

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