Music of Souls~~Eternity's Opus (A Sample) (Chapter Three, page 1 of 2)

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Three months later

"Wake up. Come on, Legs. Come back to me."

Although Elisabeth heard the familiar words, she was unable to escape the dream. She finally forced her eyes open. Even in the darkness, the aureate orbs that possessed her heart were discernible.


He pulled her into a full embrace and began stroking her hair. "Was it me or Emily?"


Each night since Elisabeth had killed Victor, she dreamt of Emily or Jackson's death. Seeing Jackson staked, and the short time she thought him dead, had triggered an irrational panic that unearthed all the emotions surrounding her sister and grandparents' murders. Images plagued her whenever she closed her eyes. Peaceful sleep came only after Jackson fed on her, and he had already done so once this evening. The amount of blood taken in the past weeks would have killed a human or normal werewolf.

She pulled away, tilting her head to expose her neck in an unspoken request.

Jackson turned on the bedside lamp. "It isn't right for me to keep feeding on you every time you have a nightmare."

She cringed from the guilt found in his eyes. "This isn't for you, it's for me."

"I think you should get some help."

"What do you mean? A psychiatrist?"

"Maybe. A professional who can help you move past this."

"Oh, I can see it now. 'Tell me what brings you here, Ms. Sidwell.' 'Well, my sister and grandparents were sucked dry by an insane vampire who was also responsible for my fiancé being stalked by a crazy stalker vamp. Then I decapitated said madman, and now I'm having some bothersome nightmares I'd like you to erase. Did I mention I'm a werewolf?' You can't be serious, Jackson."

"I thought we could try to find a werewolf therapist."

"That's out of the question. Word would spread like wildfire that I'm crazy."

Jackson held her trembling hands. "You are not crazy. You're just going through a difficult time. Maybe we could use a human. I'll influence them."

"Please, give me some time. You are helping me, and the dreams are lessening. Look, I'm not even flushed or sweating."

He brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. "I'm worried about you."

"I know, and I love you for that, but I need to handle this my way. Be patient for a little longer. I know it will work out. Let's get back to sleep."

The instant she felt the sting of his fangs, she relaxed and waited for his venom to chase away the terror.


Jackson found Sarah and Connor in the drawing room.

"I take it you heard her?" Their sympathetic nods caused him to shake his head. "Twice tonight. I asked her to get some professional help, but she refused. I don't know what else to do."

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