Music of Souls~~Eternity's Opus (A Sample) (Chapter Five, page 1 of 9)

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Elisabeth remained unconvinced that staying at Fairhaven for the December full moon was a good idea, yet couldn't see any alternative. Putting distance between herself and Jackson had failed, and given the recent events, he was even more resolute that they remain together. She tried to convince Sarah and Connor to go away overnight, but Sarah whined about missing her, and for once, Jackson backed her up. Elisabeth was outnumbered by four if one were to count her wolf form.

Jackson pulled her into an embrace. "It is going to be fine, try not to worry."

"Maybe I should stay in the basement cell. It's comfortable down there."

"You are not going to spend one night a month locked up. I have faith in you, have some in yourself."

"Having faith in myself is not the problem. The problem is, I'm not myself during the full moon."

"I disagree. You are completely yourself, only in a different form. That's the beauty of it."

She shook her head in surrender. The couple climbed the stairs without speaking and entered Jackson's bedroom to await the transformation.

He sat in awe watching the wolf emerge. Once fully transformed, she blinked, found his eyes and whimpered.

"Hey, gorgeous. Welcome home."

She stretched and pawed his knee.

He held the offered paw, lowering his head to drop a quick kiss on it. "I've missed you, too."

The wolf and the vampire were silent for a moment, locked in each other eyes, reconnecting.

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