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Tucking her in close to his side, under his arm, McKinnon pushed the hair back from her face.

"Now tell me how this thirty-three day thing works."

Charly had barely caught her breath from the kiss. It had been extremely pleasant and quite unexpected. He was an incredibly good kisser - sensitive, sensuous and gentle all at once. Jerking herself back to his question, she quickly assembled her thoughts.

"As I understand it, we are composed of three main parts - conscious, subconscious and super-conscious." She looked up from the fire into his face, the brown eyes fixed steadily and attentively on her. She noted idly how long his lashes were, the slight curl to them.

"Carry on. You're doing fine. Sounds like basic psychology."

"When you first fall asleep, your conscious mind needs to rest, so it steps aside and your subconscious, which doesn't need rest or sleep, begins to take over. It reviews the past forty-eight hours and the coming forty-eight hours, decides if changes should be made, what errors were made that should be corrected, and what is required for the next day or two.

"If you remember, and analyze, your dreams, you will be given direction from your subconscious and super-conscious which will assist you in your daily living. The subconscious and super-conscious are never wrong, but they have to send messages in symbols so that the conscious mind disregards it, because it doesn't understand it, and therefore can't interfere."

McKinnon had picked up her left hand and was idly playing with her Grandmother's ring. She found she enjoyed the warmth of his fingers touching her skin.

"Are you still with me?"

"Sure am. But where does the super-conscious and the thirty-three days come in?"

"The super-conscious is your highest self and retains the memory of what it was you wanted to work on for soul development in this lifetime. It reviews your actions and choices and sends messages through profound dreams that occur in the deep sleep phase. These dreams usually are so different from your average dreams that they make a definite impression on you. Often they instruct you to do something you normally wouldn't consider. But remember, it is never wrong. And it is in agreement with your subconscious when it gives you directions, so the choice was actually yours, though you were unaware of making it. You still following me?"

"What about the thirty-three days?"

"Thirty-three days is the normal human cycle. It takes thirty-three days from the inception of a thought to a completed decision - sort of like programming yourself. But in order to convert a thought into a reality, there must be agreement at all three levels. Since your conscious mind wants to retain control, you have to trick it. Thus the thirty-three day cycle of writing down whatever it is you want. The act of writing it passes it directly to your subconscious and it can get on with figuring out how it is to be accomplished."

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