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Having just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, Charly and T.G., as she had learned to call him, were exceptionally happy. Because of the hours they had spent reviewing their dreams, they had become really close before the convention, so the transition to living together had been easy for them. Giving up her beloved bungalow and the dream of owning it someday had been easy, and she had adapted well to sharing T. G.’s home with him.

“Hi, Sleepy Head.”

As Charly came slowly awake, hair tousled and cheeks flushed with sleep, she became aware that T.G. was lying there watching her. He told her often how beautiful she was, and how much he loved her, so she never had reason to doubt his feelings.

A broad smile lit up her face as she came fully awake.

“Oh my gosh, T.G., do you have any twins in your family?”

“None that I know of. Why?”

“Well if the dream I just had is any indication, that’s about to change. In the dream, you and I were each holding a tiny baby - one boy and one girl. How cool is that?”

“Is this dream for real?” T. G. was hopefully curious.

“Because it was an early morning dream, it could simply be about a conversation we are going to have today, or it could be about some aspect of work, because babies can represent new ideas, or it could mean just what it says - we are going to have twins.”

“Well, come here, my love, and let’s make it happen.” Pulling her into his arms, T. G. went immediately about the business of planting the seeds that would produce the crop he was hoping to create. Charly, with her usual enthusiasm, gave him all of her assistance, along with all of her love and adoration.

Meanwhile, two little souls chuckled with glee as they hovered around them, knowing that they had made an ideal choice for their future parents-to-be.

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