Devil's Path (Part 2 Chapter 2, page 1 of 17)

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I walk around all the tables, heading to the farthest table in the corner. I have a tray, a new red tray. It is good that tray is empty, because to walk on the heels at the other end of the hall with a tray is not the easiest task.

"Hello, what you want to order? I say to a boy who is sitting with back to me.

Next to him two girls sit, and I feel uncomfortable. It seems to me that I am bothering them.

"Three glasses of beer" the man answers, not even turning to me.

Three glasses of beer is probably the cheapest order in our club. It says he's a normal philanderer who takes cheap girls. I am glad that I do not see the face of this guy.

I silently move away from the table and go to the bar to fill three glasses of beer. I should have to get used to walking in a short skirt, but I feel uncomfortable on this day.

"Watch the guy at the far table. He can get away without paying" Georgia is coming to the bar and getting near the neighboring barrels of beer.

We are not allowed to talk during working hours, but now no one can see what we're talking.

"Thank you," I accept her words.

Basically, pretty nice people who just want to spend time come here. But sometimes, there are those, like this guy at the far table. I did not see his face, and did not communicate with him, but you know, I am sure that he is an ordinary womanizer.

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