Devil's Path (Part 1 Chapter 7, page 1 of 3)

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I am bound, devastated and lost. Inside me, everything seems dead. It seems that can not be worse, but it seems there is no end in disaster.

"I like you, really," Amelia comes up to me and takes me by the chin.

She looks down at me. Even in spite of what happened, I'm still drowning in her green eyes.

"Why?" it is the only thing I'm able to tell her.

Amelia mysteriously smiles and walks away from me. Then, one of the guards give a sword to her.

"Because I need your soul," Amelia whispers and sends the sword into my chest, right in the heart.

She needs my soul. Perhaps I am too shocked, because I do not understand very well the meaning of these words.

"You already have my heart" doomed I say and I feel the salty taste on the lips.

It seems the tears. It hurts me for the first time. And I am crying, too, for the first time. All this she did with me.

"Yes. I have your heart and your soul," she says triumphantly, and takes a step toward me.

Sword which buried in my chest pierces me, and I feel the pain. This pain is physical and it is much weaker than the moral pain. I raise my head and look straight into her green eyes. There is nothing. It seems to me she is empty. That sensibility, that humanity, this is all no longer in her eyes. It seems there is no longer anything.

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