Devil's Path (Part 1 Chapter 4, page 1 of 19)

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The week flies very quickly. I and Amelia did not stop digging. It seems that for a week we could make a tunnel in China, but do not forget, we have only a spoon and a wall, which is not as soft and supple as the earth. But no matter how much time has passed. The main thing is that we are almost there. I can see the gleam and understand that I and my dream are about to face.

The hole has a very large circle. Perhaps the only hand will able to penetrate in it. But it brings a great joy. A small hole is a great joy. It sounds silly, but funny. And it is true.

When the light is switched off in the cell, I start digging again. More precisely, I can not stop digging. You know that feeling when you feel that you are about to catch the bird by the tail. In this state, you can not sleep, I can say for sure. So, in this state, I'm a week, and it does not upset me. I did not sleep, and maybe my body is in shock. But I do not care. I'm happy. Happy.

"Dor?" soft as a marshmallow whisper breaks into my thoughts.

I freeze. I find it difficult to understand where is this whisper.

"Dor?!" I hear it again.

I lean toward the hole. Oh my God, yes it is the voice of Amelia. From the darkness I can not see her. So I boldly throw off the remaining pieces of the wall to the side and poke my hand in the hole.

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