Devil's Path (Part 2 Chapter 1, page 1 of 8)

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I walk along the side of the road, directly to my home. The wind plays with my hair, tangling them. My hair is bright red and very twisted, so the wind is not my friend. It makes me a witch.

Approaching the house, I have a deja vu: I take a fresh newspaper, which lies on the thresholds, open the door and come face to face with my mother. It happens every time I get home. Consistency never changes.

"Hello dear," my mother give me happy and loving smile, then comes up to me, kisses me on the forehead and takes a fresh newspaper out of my hands.

I love her, so the fact that every time she as if knows that I will come, is right next door, I am tolerant. Although, it's weird.

"Hi Mom," I reply.

And on this our conversation as always ends. I do not know it is a lot or a little for the communication between mother and daughter, but it is enough. Then I take off the jacket which I bought a few years ago and hang it on the hook. Despite the fact that this jacket is a couple of years, it still looks pretty decent. Then I go into the living room, pass by the father, who as always sits in a chair, and a small ladder I climb to my room. My room is in the attic of our house. I'm not complaining. I think it's cool. My room, as if it's my own little house. The father or the mother never raise here. Therefore, this place really belongs only to me.

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