Devil's Path (Part 1 Chapter 1, page 1 of 7)

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"Stand still, animal!" a tall woman with full body pushes me in the back and I stumbling, rests my hands on the wall.

She always shouts. This woman does not know how to talk. All I heard only scream from her. Her voice is so shrill that I want to grab the head and sink into the ground, so as not to hear these awful notes.

"The next time, when I come, you have to stand and wait for me. How many times should I tell you?" she shouts again.

I almost got used to the fact that she always beats a plastic stick with pimples on my feet, but her voice, I could not get used to. She constantly shouts, and I'd love to plug her. But in me there is so soothing that I even can not move by my tongue. And this inhuman person uses it.

I nod in response. I do not know whether I will fulfill the order, because the last time I began to think badly. All I want is to lie in silence and just be alone with myself. Will I get it only after death? And if there's nothing after death? Just because I do not have answers to this question, I still allow myself to breathe. Otherwise, I would have made myself an eternal vacation in the sky.

The guard walks away, and I feel much better. Finally, I do not hear her nasty voice, do not stand in front of her as a slave or as a man who is devoid of all rights and is listed in the group of the dregs of society, who do not deserve life.

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