Shades of Deception (Blindsided By Love and Desire, page 1 of 22)

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There was a knock at the door. Marsha had just awakened from a bad dream and could not picture who was visiting her so early in the morning.

At first, she thought it was her husband, but he would have his keys and was not due back from his trip for at least another month. She went to the door; it was the mail carrier. He handed her a certified package that required her signature.

When she opened the envelope, a petition for the dissolution of marriage was enclosed.

She knew the marriage was on shaky grounds but never imagined it would end like this, in such a cold and an impersonal manner. She wondered how Ted, her husband of five years, could have ended their marriage in such a sneaky way.

The ideal wife is how Marsha saw herself, the one who always stood by her husband no matter how bad things got. She supported him financially and emotionally, helped him finance a couple of business ventures and took care of his sisters who gave an entirely new meaning to the word moochers. She had put her needs on hold to help her husband fulfill his, and for all of her sacrifices, this is how he repaid her.

But if she thought getting those divorce papers was a slap in the face, she was about to be blindsided by events that would place her into financial ruins and leave her parents, friends, and neighbors saying, "We saw it coming."

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