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Chapter 9

The next morning her foot felt better and there was no swelling. She stayed around the house, propping her foot up whenever she sat down, and by evening it was only a little sore. By the next day she was ready to resume her normal activities, but Sarah insisted it was Saturday and she should take some time to enjoy herself.

Lisa started for her room to get a book to read and paused in the hallway to look at a photograph again. She felt somehow drawn to the picture of a frail looking girl with dark eyes that looked out hauntingly from a delicately beautiful face. She held a faint resemblance to Tammy.

"Valorie," Sarah's voice spoke behind her. "Yancey's wife." Her voice sounded faintly annoyed.

"She died when Tammy was born, didn't she?" Lisa asked as she turned to look at Sarah. "It must have been terrible for Yancey."

Sarah made a face. "He took it harder than I thought he would, but being able to keep Tammy took the edge off it."

Lisa glanced down the hallway, but Yancey was still in Tammy's room. "There was some question that he might not be able to keep his own child?"

"There would have been, if Valorie had lived."

Lisa returned her attention to the picture, her pulse quickening. Did Valorie discover that Yancey was involved with drugs? Was her death merely a convenience . . . or something more? Of course, it would be simple to say she died in childbirth.

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