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It was a dark and stormy night, I always wanted to start a book like that, but actually it was a clear sunny day in May and Starke Romel was in his cabin in N. Pennsylvania surfing the web in and out of various chat rooms, when suddenly across his screen came the message, "I must kill." Startled he sat back and stared at the screen a moment before reacting, this was not part of his usual job description of what he was to get involved in but he felt compelled to follow up this lead into a mystery, so he typed, why? And got no reply, "let me help you" he again typed, No. came a reply at last. He needed to keep this person on line and not bolt, are you male or female? Female, she replied now he was really intrigued. He asked, "Are you angry at someone?" Oh yeah, you could say that! A boyfriend? "No," he thought for a minute, I must not let her get angry at me and leave.

"What state are you in?" he typed, pause; finally, Pa. She typed, Ah, same state, he thought, I'm getting closer, she then types, "I have a weapon," he thinks Ok you've got my attention, you sound serious enough. "What region of Pa. Are you in?” you know, north, south etc." pause; she's thinking she must be careful, finally, N. she types, Starke replies. "Let me help you before you get into serious trouble," no reply came, hey, I'm one of the good guys here. Meet me for coffee, we'll talk about it, at last she says, "I'll think about it, gotta go now," no he says I won't find you again, I'll find you and she's gone. A week went by and she made no contact, he was worried did she do something stupid? Was this for real? Is this a kid or a woman, he must find out, he was after all a cyber cop of sorts. Finally on a Sunday afternoon she made contact, please help me came across his screen. He sighed, yes! How old are you? he typed, and chuckled to himself, I'm starting to sound like I'm in a find a date website, she typed 37, Starke is 43, close enough to relate to this person, he asked, "don't suppose you'd tell me your name"? "Candida, everyone calls me Candee," "Ok, Candee, my name is Starke, so will you meet me?" "Yeah okay, when?" "Soon, are you feeling calmer now?" he ask, "sort of," good! "Will you tell me now what city you live in?" "Ok, I'm in Scranton, do you know it?" yes, "I'm next-door in Wilkes-Barre, we can meet at Maries diner in Pitston, which is a small town between our cities, do you know of it?'' "Yes, I do, when?" "Wed. Night 7:30 ok?" "Yes" and she logged off.

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