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Chapter 8

Over by the window, which looked out at the busy street below, was an alcove with easy chairs, encircling a round glass coffee table. "Have a seat. You must be tired. The day has been strenuous for you, I expect." Jake turned on the soft lights in the alcove, and went to the bar. He poured two glasses of sherry and sat down opposite Lacey.

"To Lacey Wilson, her new book, and her successful day today," he toasted, handing her a glass.

Charmed, Lacey raised her glass to touch his, and then took a sip. Delicious! She had never tasted sherry.

"Thank you." She looked at Jake Edmonds through hooded eyes, over the rim of her glass.

He looks nice - paternal and distinguished too. In his mid forties, he had a thick head of blond hair; fair skin, wrinkled around the corners of his penetrating blue eyes; ears hidden by the long hair; a nice nose. Tall, slender, and possessing a smooth, sophisticated manner, Jake Edmonds was an attractive man.

Amused by her obvious appraisal of him, Jake smiled. "So tell me, my dear, how you came to write this popular book."

She sipped and talked, and within half an hour he knew all about Lacey's three children, her divorce nisi, which was pending final decree, and the day she had 'been taken over' by the writer within. Her cheeks grew rosy, and her eyes sparkled.

"Scuse me," she said. "I do not drink much, and I've never had sherry before. I think it has gone to my head." She giggled.

Jake felt a wave of tenderness. What a charming, delightful woman! "In that case," he replied. "I must take care of you.

Will you join me for dinner, after which I will ensure your safe arrival home?"

"Why not." She giggled again. "I must call home, though."

Julian answered the phone. "I'm fine, Mom." She could hear the TV in the background. "No one's here. Jana's babysitting next door. "I'm watchin' a movie."

Lacey went to the bathroom and applied a bit of lipstick.

She liked the sparkly, happy face that looked back at her in the mirror.

Jake took her arm as they walked through the busy mall and out onto the street. A limo was waiting at the curb. Wideeyed she looked at Jake as he helped her in. "It's only a service," he said. "Just like a taxi, except it's a limo. I pay a monthly fee, and can call for a car whenever I need one."

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