Coffee To Go (Chapter Three, page 1 of 4)

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Scanning the perimeter of the meadow, Melanie spotted a small travel trailer and picnic table tucked between some pines.

"You stay here sometimes?"

"I spend most weekends here, weather permitting. It gets me out of town and I can work on blueprints if the mood strikes. I have a drafting board in the trailer."

"Are you a workaholic?"

"I guess I have tendencies in that direction, but to me it isn't really work. I enjoy the challenge of putting together a design that works."

Russ watched as Melanie continued looking around the lot. "Have you seen enough yet?"

Wistfully, Melanie replied, "I could just sit down in the grass and look at the lake and trees all day. It is so peaceful here and I can see why you fell in love with it. The fall colors around the lake will be beautiful!"

"Well we'd better get on it if I'm going to teach you how to catch a trout."

"Seriously, do I have to handle worms?" Melanie's expression was clearly squeamish.

"That's your first assignment. Follow me."

He led the way down the incline to the lake shore. "See that white box buried in the ground over by the tree?"

Nodding, Melanie walked towards spot he indicated. Don't make me touch those things! He couldn't be that mean!

"Lift the lid on the box and bring me a dozen worms."

Gritting her teeth, Melanie lifted the lid. "You beast! How could you be so nasty?" Inside were two small Styrofoam boxes. Picking one up, she closed the box lid and went back to where he was standing. "You did that on purpose!"

"Just wanted to see how brave you were. You passed the test. Time is wasting. Let's go."

She could tell he was anxious to get on the lake, so she followed quickly as he headed to a cedar garden shed. When he opened the door, she could see all manner of fishing gear, life jackets, net, and a container for the fish. He explained that he felt dragging the fish around the lake on a stringer was unnecessarily cruel, so he put them in water until he was ready to filet them.

"So you do have a heart."

Handing her assorted items, he gathered up the rest of the things they would need and headed to the dock where his fourteen-foot aluminum boat was tied up. The motor was electric and had a small solar panel attached to the battery terminals to keep it charged up and ready for use.

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