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"So tell me, Russ, what part of Huna don't you understand? Because it was raining, they were sitting in Russ's apartment living room with glasses of wine, while the Chinese food was keeping warm in the oven. Russ was at one end of the loveseat with Melanie in the big chair across from him.

"It's not so much that I don't understand it. I studied psychology in University and I'm familiar with the id, ego and superego, or subconscious, conscious and superconscious, but I've never heard of them referred to as the low self, middle self and high self. And I certainly never considered the subconscious to be like a little child dwelling within my body, anxious to please and ready and willing to carry out my wishes. I realize it performs all sorts of tasks, like keeping my heart beating, keeping me breathing, and remembering all of the stuff I've crammed into my brain, but I sure didn't realize it was watching and listening all the time to my thoughts and words."

"Which is why we should never put ourselves down or make negative statements about ourselves or our abilities. Most of us have no idea how powerful our thoughts are and how, not only is our own low self listening, but also the low selves of others, which is why they can often tell us what we are thinking - both positive and negative. There really is no such thing as a secret, because someone somewhere has picked up a thought. They may not recognize it at a conscious level, but their low self is aware of the truth."

"That's a scary thought, but I guess I agree with it. My gut often tells me, when I'm with a client, what they are feeling and it helps me respond correctly to them. I also get strong impressions about strangers when I'm in a restaurant, just observing them."

"Tell you what, Russ. I have another book on Huna that has several exercises which will help you get in touch with your low self, and will teach you some techniques for mastering a few basic 'miracles' - like finding parking spots where you want them every time you want one, making clouds appear and disappear, resolving sticky problems without confrontations or physical conversation, and the big one - how to do distant healing on others. This isn't something you can learn overnight. It can take months or years, depending on your ability to meditate, visualize and believe."

"Sounds like I'm going to be busy on my days off for some time to come, because I find this all very fascinating, especially when the processes are referred to as 'miracles'."

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