Coffee To Go (Chapter Eight, page 1 of 6)

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During the following couple of weeks, Melanie had plenty of time for reflection. Russ had told her he would be tied up with a new client, a current client who was presenting him with a challenge, and a site he had to visit. As she was also busy at work, the time went by quickly. Her evenings were spent reading out on her balcony until the bugs drove her inside. She began re-reading her Huna books so she would know what she was talking about with Russ. As she read, she realized she hadn't been making much use of all of the information at her fingertips. Finding parking spaces had become a normal way of life for her, but she hadn't bothered trying to alter the weather very often because farmers and people with gardens needed the rain. Besides, she wouldn't melt if she got wet.

Her thoughts strayed often in the evenings to Russ, wondering what he was doing, when he would call, and what he thought about her. She knew she was becoming quite attached to him, with feelings that were much stronger than just friendship, and she knew she was treading on dangerous ground. He had in no way indicated that he was interested in anything other than friendship, and he had made it quite clear that his focus was on business now.

She talked to Susan on the phone a couple of times, but said nothing about seeing Russ, and, since Susan didn't mention it, she was certain he hadn't said anything to Brian. For this, she was grateful, but she wondered if it was because she wasn't really that important to him.

When the phone finally rang and she said, "Hello?" he just said, "I did it! Not once, but twice!"

"Russ? What did you do?" Melanie was mystified.

"I found a parking space right where I wanted it - two times! This stuff really works!" He sounded just like a little kid with a new toy.

"Well if you like that, there are many more interesting things you can learn." Melanie had already decided on what she would tell him about next, when they got together again.

"Can't wait, but I'll have to. I still have some sticky problems to iron out, as well as plans to draft. How about we plan another fishing trip for a week from Sunday? That will give me incentive to get this stuff resolved."

"Sounds great. How about I bring the dinner this time - something that goes with fish?"

"You've got it. I'll call towards the end of next week to confirm. Okay?"

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