Breaking the Routine Can Have Consequences (Chapter 1, page 1 of 22)

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Chapter 1

Sam yawned as she stiffly walked to the shower. She glanced at the reflection in the mirror with amused dismay. Her chestnut brown hair appeared more like a bird’s nest than a head of human hair. Well ain’t I just sexy, she mused with a half smile as she scratched her messy hair. She showered quickly and got dressed and pulled her hair up in a tight bun. She cursed the wisps of her hair that dared escape. Sam sighed in complaint, why couldn’t her hair ever behave? Trying to tame rebellious strands of hair down, she walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast before leaving for work.

“Good morning Mrs. Simpson,” Sam greeted the plump receptionist as she walked into the lobby of the accounting company where she worked.

“Good morning Sam, how are you today?” The receptionist asked with her typical cheery attitude and Sam smiled feeling the cheerfulness contagious.

“I’m good thank you,” Sam replied simply.

“Oh tonight Tabby and you are flying out to New York, right?” Mrs. Simpson asked, with genuine interest.

“Yeah, pretty much as soon as we get off of work we’re heading to the airport,” Sam told her.

“Oh that’s good but be careful though. You know what they say about those big cities,” Mrs. Simpson warned her with a look of concern.

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