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Chapter 4

Marcus and Fergus' place was as isolated from its neighbours as it was possible to be without actually being in another country entirely. And it was stunning. Great conifers lined the cobbled driveway, and snow lay like a thick blanket over the fields surrounding the house, which stood, imperious and ancient and breathtakingly magnificent in the whiteness around it. Leaded windows leaned into the dark stone walls, and gargoyles leered from beneath the roof. It struck me suddenly that this was the very epitome of a vampire house, and I burst out laughing. Marcus didn't seem bothered by my reaction, but Julia grinned.

"Ironic, isn't it?" she chuckled as we made our way through a pair of iron-studded doors which looked like they'd been pillaged from the Vikings. "A vampire house with actual vampires in it."

"It's gorgeous, though, isn't it?"

"Absolutely, and wait till you see the inside. Surprisingly tasteful for a couple of bachelors. Simon and Lucy are around here somewhere, although I suspect they've probably snuck off to play that game they're currently obsessed with. Halo, I think it's called."

"Oh, yes, I know that one. Mark and Joe sometimes spend days shooting aliens and zombies. I too know what it's like to be ignored."

"Well then, let's ignore them back," Julia whispered conspiratorially. "Lunch first then photos. There's a beautiful room around the back of the house that the boys have kitted out as a library, and we could set up there. It'll be something to do while we wait for news."

"Has Angus phoned?" I said, trying without much success not to sound too anxious.

"No, but Marcus says that whenever Angus used to go hunting, they wouldn't hear from him for weeks. Apparently when Angus focuses on some task, everything else fades into the background for him. But I'm sure we'll hear from him soon enough."

"I'm worried about him," I confessed quietly. "And poor Mark, he doesn't deserve to be caught up in all this."

"Nobody does, honey. But I've known Oliver long enough to have complete faith in his ability to destroy anything in his way. And from the sound of things, Angus is even worse. I actually feel a bit sorry for my sister."

"Oh, gosh, I'm sorry! I forgot that she was your sister," I said, suddenly feeling awful for her. She smiled wryly, and shook her head.

"Don't be. She had choices in life, the same as we all do, and she chose to do this, to steal your brother away..." her voice trailed off as the unsaid words hung between us. And kill him. Or torture him. Or kill him. My mind seemed stuck on that scenario, as if it was trying to prepare itself for the worst.

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