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Chapter 5


It was impossible for me to pinpoint exactly when it was that the audible thudding of my heartbeat transformed into the visceral sensation of impulses conducted through muscle. I could never tell how long it was that I sat there, hearing at first, and then feeling the thumping. It was as if time had slowed and thickened.

Eventually I started to sense the coruscation of electricity flowing across the cells of my heart, the way some people can see sound as colours. It was beautiful, the way those twinkling, crackling sparks danced across the thick muscular walls, generating each individual contraction. Over and over and over. Endlessly.

Then I remember the intense irritation when I sensed the presence of another in my vicinity. Interruption, intrusive and unwelcome. I felt another heartbeat, faster than my own, and weaker somehow. Annoyance turned to delight when I realised I could feel the electricity coursing through their heart as well as my own. I reached out and touched the sparks, and saw them flicker at the contact, and pause, then resume as I withdrew. Fascinated, I reached out again, stroking the current and watching as it flowed towards my touch. I barely registered the heart stop as the life giving electrical impulse was diverted my way. I absorbed those electrons as if they were a gift. And then there were no more.

Instead there were angry shouts, urgent and dissonant. I opened my eyes, and waited as they adjusted to the dim light in the room. Late afternoon light. The kind you get in a Scottish winter - grey and dull. I noticed a few peculiarities then, one by one, as if in slow motion.

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