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The Daily Telegraph

18 February

An explosion occurred in Northern Scotland last night on the site of an old World War Two bunker that had been constructed by Allied forces during the last months of the war. It took several hours for the Fire and Rescue Service to clear the road to the bunker, and there are ongoing concerns that the ground below may have been rendered unstable by the detonation.

This incident appears to closely resemble the blast that destroyed a warehouse near the village of Glamis a couple of weeks ago. A local expert in munitions and explosives suggested that it was likely that large amounts of C4 had been used in both.

"C4 is stable, easily transported, and has a detonation velocity of 8092 metres per second. If you're going to blow up a bunker, C4 is really your best option. It's hard to get hold of in large amounts, though, so whoever is behind this is well funded. I suspect government involvement. They probably had a stash of illicit stuff hidden down there. Well, nobody's going to find it now."

A geologist has been called in to assess the terrain, with a view to possibly excavating the site, but a Police spokesperson confirmed that any further investigation would be extremely unlikely.

"The site has been abandoned for decades, and there is no reason to suspect that there is anything down there that could justify a long and dangerous excavation," said Anita Josephson. "It has nothing to do with budget cuts," she added.

Banbury Post

10 March

Rosemary Harding is proud to announce the wedding of Angus Byrne to her daughter Rebecca Harding. The ceremony took place on a private estate in Scotland yesterday, and was attended by friends and family.

The couple will be staying near St Petersburg for three weeks on their honeymoon, after which they will be settling in Oxfordshire for the foreseeable future.

Oxford Times

18 April

The body of a prominent politician was found in his home in Chipping Norton yesterday. Harold Redmond had featured prominently in a recent newspaper report suggesting the connection of several influential to an organisation that promoted the distribution of child pornography. Mr Redmond had strongly denied the charges, and was in the process of instituting legal action against the newspaper behind the report at the time of his death.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the death was being treated as suspicious. A confidential source confirmed this, saying that there were signs that Mr Wilson had been assaulted before he had been decapitated. Several of the larger bones in his legs and arms had been broken prior to his death.

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