Bed & Breakfast Next to the Pink Roses Hotel (Chapter 9, page 2 of 2)

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Chapter 9

"You know what came into my mind just now? What you said about Geneva speechless. Frankly, I cannot really picture that."

"Oh, c'mon. She just talks too quickly, that's all."

"Too quickly?" Jesse turned in his seat to face Kathy. "She's a chatterbox! I swear she gives me a headache."

They'd been flying for around twenty minutes. Kathy was feeling so relaxed she couldn't actually believe it. She didn't know exactly why, but it didn't matter. It would be sacrilege to spoil one of her few and far-between moments of relaxation analyzing its origin. It was just her, the humming of the plane, Jesse keeping her good company and Mac sleeping in the hold - they'd only spent one night as roommates, but she already cared for his well-being.

"I'm still not sure about her," she said.

"I know what you mean. I didn't want to make any statement on that shareholding idea - after all, it's your decision - but I wouldn't rush into anything."

"My decision?"

"Well, she made you the proposition."

Jesse had seemed so busy handling everything that it hadn't occurred to her he could feel left out of this particular matter.

"What is the purpose of this trip?" she asked, deliberately pausing after each syllable.

He understood the full meaning of her question.

"I… intend to take charge of our new… businesses… with you, I hope."

"So, you… want to go and live there. Establish yourself on the island."

"Yes, that's right."

"You'll be away from your home, your family, your friends…"

"I already am. Have been these eight years I worked for Mrs. Sloan."

"So you don't feel you're leaving anything behind."

The implications of this assumption did not go unnoticed.

"No," he answered, with no hint of humor. "No wife, no girlfriend, no nothing."

Kathy went red, just like the day they'd met. But this time she was embarrassed and ashamed of herself for she had unconsciously provoked a confession she wasn't consciously looking for.

The remaining time on the plane passed mostly in silence. She didn't want him to get a wrong idea of her and, not feeling capable of naturally changing the subject, she opted to keep quiet. He, on the other hand, had some trouble suppressing a smile, which he knew would make his companion uncomfortable.

Forty quiet minutes later, they landed on the island.

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