Bed & Breakfast Next to the Pink Roses Hotel (Chapter 4, page 1 of 3)

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Chapter 4

SO WHEN JESSE CALLED THE FOLLOWING DAY, THE ONE THING SHE WAS glad of was being provided with an excuse for finally not having to see them.

"Dr. Cameron gave me your number."

"I imagine."

"We must meet."

Why were the conversations with Jesse so like a chain of uncomfortable little telegrams? And not only on her part, she felt.

"I think it would be enough if you gave me Mr.…. White's? address. I could contact him directly."

There was silence for a couple of seconds. Then Jesse spoke softly.

"We don't have to be in his office until Tuesday, when the will is to be officially read and the paperwork settled. But, as I told you, I already know the terms of the testament."


"Kathy, I'm in the street next to your house. Can we please talk face to face?"

Now, that was unexpected. What was he doing here? He must have caught the next flight after hers.

She put a different pair of trousers on and went to open the door. Luckily, there was no one at home, so she didn't have to explain.

They went to a nearby cafeteria and ordered some breakfast. With an apricot jam toast in his left hand, he seemed to be suppressing a smile while he stirred his coffee.

"You met Mrs. Sloan on the island," he began.

"Yes, that's right."

"How long were you there?"

"A week. I met Mrs. Sloan on my second day and then we frequently had lunch or tea together. We got on well," she added in a way of an excuse. "And then she told me her holiday was over and invited me to spend a few weeks in her house, so I travelled with her."

"I know that," said Jesse, after biting his toast. "She told me all about you."

"Oh, she did?"

Kathy was starting to experience the same sort of bitter feeling she had had at the funeral.

"Yes. She phoned me a couple of times while you were in the house."

Kathy tasted the question that had been circling her head for the last two days. The flavor was not as confident as she would have liked.

"And who are you, may I ask?"

"What do you mean?" said Jesse in genuine surprise.

"Well, I mean, are you her nephew, her friend, her… boyfriend?"

Jesse placed the cup he was holding on the saucer.

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