The Bairn of Brianag (Chapter Seven, page 1 of 16)

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I waited for Robbie to come see me; he did not come before dinner. Rabbit brought mutton broth and buttermilk and cornbread; I was at last able to sit propped up slightly on the pillows and eat a little of the food. Afterward I slept until evening. When I woke Rabbit again put the medicine on my wounds. I felt my strength beginning to return; I was feeling a little less pain, though movement was still excruciating.

I heard Mrs. Randall's steps in the hallway.

She came into the room dressed for supper, in a green gown that changed her eyes from hazel to emerald. The likeness to Robbie's startled me pleasantly; I smiled at her.

She smiled back at me. "Rabbit, leave us."

She sat beside me and took my hand. "We have sent for the magistrate," she said.

"We have stated urgency. You must be married before your father comes here again."

"Yes, madam. Thank you," I said, gratitude flooding through me.

"I hope that the magistrate shall come in a few days time," she said. "I shall have the seamstress alter a gown of Catherine's for you to wear."

"Yes, madam," I said again.

" Good night, dear. I shall pray for your swift recovery."

"Madam-Mrs. Randall!" I said, as she turned away. "Where is-where is Robbie? I have not seen him all the day."

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