All's Fair In Love and War (Chapter Six, page 1 of 3)

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"Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having any fun."

-Nina Dobrev

Raphael's House, Belle City, 2:13p.m

"Okay, here's Henry's file." Denella said as she brought the laptop to Raphael. "It says here that he was brought up in a foster home, dad married another woman by the name of Hillary Stockford, and they had a son, Celcus Gargani. He was an orphan; parents were murdered when he was four, graduated from Telbridge, worked as an engineer for two years with his foster dad and now lives alone in his apartment five blocks from here. Celcus was his half brother."

"I wonder why he didn't tell us. Why would he quit his job to come here if he had a good one? Was it because he wanted to learn to protect himself since his parents were once targets? He could have easily learned self-defence somewhere else." Raphael stated.

"That's because he didn't quit his job. His foster dad owns the auto shop he worked at and apparently, he was fired."

"Fired? By his own dad? He must have screwed up real bad to have something like that happen to him."

"I don't think he has a condition. It doesn't say anything about it here and that would explain why he 'collapsed' right after you were given your mission. He faked it so he wouldn't have to go. He didn't come to work here randomly; he's here for a reason. Celcus must have sent him here so he could mess up your system. That's why you guys have no lead.

"How am I supposed to expose him? My boss will never believe me."

"Tomorrow at work. Show him all your proof."

"He still wouldn't give."

"Then you ask Henry about it."

T.E.R.S.E. Headquarters, Belle City, the Next Day, 7:34a.m

"Hey, Henry. Are . . . you feeling any better?" Raphael inquired.

"Yeah, it has happens all the time. Don't worry." Henry responded.

"What made you make your decision of working here?"

"Growing up, I always wanted to help people because I felt like I couldn't do anything. Something like this would give me the perfect chance. When I found out about T.E.R.S.E. Headquarters, I was curious.

"Did you work anywhere else before you came here?"

"Yeah, with my dad. We were engineers, but I quit."

"Why did you quit? Didn't you like working with your dad?"

"What's with all of the questions?'

"Oh, I'm like you, just curious."

Terrance walked into the room and headed towards Raphael and Henry.

"We've still got no lead so I'll call you two if I need anything. You're allowed to leave if you'd like."

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