All's Fair In Love and War (Chapter Two, page 1 of 4)

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"Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds."

-Gordon B. Hinckley

T.E.R.S.E. Headquarters, Belle City, 12:52a.m

"What do you mean the diamond wasn't there? The team had a location on it and they're never wrong." Terrance stated as he stood up from his big office chair.

"It was there . . . but someone took it." Raphael replied.

"Starting today, you will have a partner to be accompanying you on your missions. This will not happen again."

"But--" Raphael started.

"No buts." Terrance interrupted.

R.O.S.S. Headquarters, Belle City, 12:58a.m

"Finally, you're back," John said, "Where's the diamond?"

"John, about that . . ." Denella started.

He arose from the chair at his desk, took his reading glasses off and laid them on the paperwork he was doing. "Wait, are you saying that you don't have the diamond?" He asked.

"The guard, he got away with it. I'm really sorry." Denella apologized.

He motioned her to sit down. "Oakley, I've been thinking about our newest member on the team. He needs to be trained and I thought it would be best if you trained him. You have the most experience out of all of the agents. He could go on missions with you, and he could help you to make sure that something like this won't happen again."

"Boss, as much as I would love to, you know how I'm an individual person. I work alone, and I don't need any help. I am fully capable of getting whatever it is you want me to do done by myself."

"I sent you on a mission to get the diamond, but instead, you come back empty handed."

"I know, but I promise I won't do it again. Please, just give me one more chance." Denella pleaded as she stood up.

His voice lowered. "Oakley, I wasn't asking. Your next mission will be with a guy named Brandon Switz."

"I know who he is." Denella said quietly.

"Good, then you'll make a great team. It's pretty late, so I think you and I should both call it a night."

Denella's House, Belle City, 1:31a.m

Denella was frustrated because of the fact that she would have to start working with Brandon. She never seemed to work well with a partner or in a group. She did everything on her own ever since her parents moved to Demsberg two years ago, and that was almost seven hours away.

Brandon seemed like a nice person, but there something about him that Denella didn't like. He was pretty tall, and he had emerald green eyes. He had a long oval face. His lips were thin and his nose was pointed. He had thick, brown hair that resembled a lion's mane. He loved video games, but everything, including life, seemed like a game to him.

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