Agent Finds a Warrior (Chapter One - Unwanted Burden, page 1 of 16)

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The lights passed by in a blur of color outside the windows of the taxi. We were in the city where we would spend the night.

Tomorrow, who knows what tomorrow would bring.

One thing was for sure. It was bound to be different all because of her.

I glanced away from the window and over to Maria where she lay up against the other car door fast asleep. She was going to change everything about my structured existence.

It certainly didn't help any that I burned with desire for her either. This was the hardest test I had ever been given. I didn't for a moment doubt that this test was of God's creation.

There was no other way to explain the involvement of angels or how perfectly I had been set up to have to take care of another, who had my similar condition of stretched out existence.

Why was God tormenting me so?

What was to be gained by exposing me to someone that canceled out all the barriers I had so carefully erected over the years?

What was I missing in all this?

I thought about it and through the course of that thought I remembered the circumstances of Job. Grimly, I admitted to myself that I had been laboring under the assumption of his mistake. I had thought it unjust of God to tear me down, as I had been ever faithful to do His bidding.

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