Agent Finds a Warrior (Chapter Seven - Spiritual War Begun, page 1 of 19)

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The night had been long and Maria's prayers had sort of drifted to a stop. It had been a wonderful time, but she was tired and would have nodded off to sleep if it wasn't for the continued tension of deep prayer that Elon still manifested.

In regard to prayer Elon reminded her of her father. Her father had been a man of prayer too.

Suddenly everything in the atmosphere around them changed and Maria was instantly fully awake and looking around in search of what had caused the change.


I watched Maria's reaction to the dark waves of thought that pervaded the atmosphere around us. Her eyes found mine and I said, "More than a conqueror……"

"Through Jesus Christ strengthening me." Maria said finishing my thought.

Good. She was as ready as she could be. I stood up and opened the door and walked out as she followed.

It was an eerie feeling that pervade the atmosphere like the calm before a storm. However there was an awful feeling of foreboding, as if something was about to go terribly wrong in a way far worse than any storm of nature.

I held my hand behind my back and Maria latched on to it and I squeezed her fingers reassuringly. There was nothing to like about what we were feeling. Yes I had more experience with this sort of thing, but being tried in the fire is not something that I ever liked to experience, even though it made me better in a spiritual sense.

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