Agent Finds a Warrior (Chapter Five - Gifted Away, page 1 of 7)

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I idly sipped my green tea as I waited for Maria. She was late. I saw her then and I did a double take, even as I groaned inwardly.

This was not what I'd been expecting. Elsie had gone overboard to say it mildly, but why had Maria gone along with it? And why did she have to look so darn hot!

Maria came to a stop before me and she tipped back her Indiana Jones styled leather fedora to give me an expressive eyebrow hike up, "What do you think Elon?"

My eyes drifted away from her face and I was grateful for the table covering my lap. What did I think?

I think I wanted her to go find some other clothes is what I thought!

But what I said was, "I think that if you strapped a sawed off shotgun to your hip and you had a crossbow cradled in your arms you'd be the 18th century Hollywood style version of what a vampire slayer should look like."

Completely dead faced serious she responded with, "I never much cared for crossbows, but the shotgun and I go way back." She said, as she patted the leather pack she had slung on with one hand suggestively.

She couldn't be serious!

Feeling my temper begin to rise I said, "The vampire slayer comment wasn't a compliment! Don't you think you look somewhat conspicuous in that getup?"

Her eyebrows rose as she took me in with a single glance, "Couldn't you say the same for yourself Elon?"

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