Agent Finds a Warrior (Chapter Two - Disciplined, page 1 of 7)

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Maria ate her meal hungrily, but she watched Elon throughout her meal closely. He was a mystery and yet it was as if she suddenly knew him better than any other man before in her life. Everything she learned built a picture of a man that became more and more desirable to her with every passing second.

Was she already falling for him?

Wasn't she supposed to do exactly that?

She resisted where her thoughts were taking her. She abruptly stopped her mind wondering, as she mentally traced back over what Elon had said in their room. Was she truly choosing God's will for her life by resisting what she knew God wanted of her in concern to Elon?

It was hard to think of herself as a gift to be given away to someone. The independent and in control of her life way she had lived bridled at the submissive quality of the action required of her.

What about her?

Didn't what she want out of life count?

"Who are you to question My will for your life? Did you fashion yourself out of the dust of the ground? Did you give yourself breath that you could so selfishly consider your ways higher than Mine? Your thoughts more wise than Mine? Behold I have spoken into existence all things that are and those things that are yet to come. Who are you to question the purpose for which I have fashioned you? I require an answer!"

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