Agent with a History (Chapter Five - Locksmith, page 1 of 4)

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Bright sun was poring through the half open blinds and I starred at the sunny beams dreamily for a moment, before abruptly jerking upright in the bed.

How late had I slept? I glanced at the clock. It was after eleven! The captain is going to kill me! I reached for my phone, which is when I saw the plain white card with a single phone number laying on top of it.

So it hadn't all been a dream. My strange encounter with a murder suspect had really happened last night. He wasn't the murderer, I knew that, but he was involved in some way. I needed to find out how.

The sun showed more writing on the card and I turned it over and read in a bold cursive script, 'PS, if you need a safe place to run to for shelter go to this address. The door locks automatically so don't freak out when it does. Again, a onetime only use.' The address was listed below.

I got up feeling very much like a new person, although my cheek was sore, as well as my rib cage, where I'd taken an elbow. I went to the bathroom and lit a match to burn the card, having already memorized its contents.

He'd said I was a good cop. I wasn't so sure, seeing as how I was currently destroying evidence. I watched the cursive writing on the back burn to ash in the sink. Then it hit me. He hadn't mentioned anything about a safe house last night, just a phone number. Which meant what?

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