Agent with a History (Chapter Seven - Bare, page 1 of 8)

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I sat staring at my monitor not really seeing anything on it. Rafferty came up and placed a book in front of me. I looked down and I saw it was the sketch pad that I had let the homeless man keep.

I opened it and it was like starring right back at myself. I kept turning the pages. All of them were of me. The man had had so much talent. What had led him to the life of a homeless addict? So many homeless people had great abilities like this. What made them choose the life of the streets?

"The next two are quite interesting and if you're wondering I'm the only one who's seen that book." I looked up at Rafferty puzzled and then back down, as I turned the page. I gasped at what the next sheet of sketch paper revealed.

It depicted me walking along what looked like the deck of a yacht with only a bikini on. While the amount of exposure was in and of itself alarming, it was who was walking beside me that had my breath escaping from me.

It was Flint!

In direct contrast to my nearly bare attire he was dressed in a pair of crisp slacks and what looked like a silk shirt. The end of an automatic pistol stuck up from the waistband of his pants and his right hand went around my back to rest on my right hip in a very familiar and possessive gesture.

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