Agent for a Cause (Chapter Three - Vigilante Justice, page 3 of 5)

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To such men, fear of them is everything, even his wife was not immune to it, as her efforts in part to please him constantly was a statement of her own fear of losing him to another woman. Such a man is often untouchable by law, as money speaks louder in the courts of men than the need for justice and those not busy pleasing him find themselves in too much fear of him to do anything to stop him.

That's why I was here. Such monsters, as the one walking around in front of me didn't deserve to continue enjoying their pleasurable existences forged on the backs of countless suffering individuals.

The big man on campus got back into his Escalade and cruised off into the jungle. Soon thereafter the peasants were released for the day. It was time. I shifted my position, as I swiftly crept through the thick undergrowth up behind an unwary guard.

I pulled him down into the vegetation, as I buried my knife in his back. He gasped against my hand and then lay still. I moved on to the next guard and then the next. Finishing them all off the way I had the first one.

I went down the steps and into the underground facility. There were five men gathered around the table laughing. They stopped laughing when they saw me and reached for their guns.

I shot all five and as they were still falling I swung my backpack off and put it on the table. I zipped it open and punched the timer. While my pack was loaded with explosives, the purpose of it wasn't a big explosion, but rather a searing explosive blaze.

The bags of white powder stacked to the ceiling all around me would never make it to market. I left the underground bunker slinging my rifle up as I reached topside. Guards from further out were running to the compound because of the sound of the shots. More were coming in jeeps from a barracks down the road. I only waited around long enough to eliminate the guards in my path with several bursts of fire from my rifle.

I let the greater force coming up the road from the barracks get a good look at me before I lit out into the forest. The bomb in the bunker exploded and a fireball gusted out of the bunker's opening shaking the ground under me with its concussive force. Smoke began to pour out of the bunker as the fire grew intense. That was one smoke cloud I wanted to avoid at all costs!

I stopped in brief intervals to fire back at the herd of gunmen that had taken out after me. My return fire temporarily sent them ducking for shelter along the way. The sound of automatic gunfire rocketed through the forest as bullets sliced through the understory vegetation both far and near to me. I looked for my marker trees as I began my dance of death over hidden tripwires. I cleared the field of minds and continued on.

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