Agent for a Cause (Chapter Seven - Seconds to Live, page 1 of 8)

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I got what I needed done a lot earlier than I had expected to. I'd made a rush job of it, because the idea of Anna going back to her old neighborhood didn't sit well with me. I wanted to escort her there and back to ensure her safety.

She'd come to represent so much of my life that I really didn't know what would happen if she were taken from me. She put the excitement back into living for me. I knocked on her door and after no answer I knocked again. Had she already left?

Anna was still cringing over how much the special daycare agency that she left Kevin with for the day had charged for their services. It didn't matter that she could afford such care now it still felt wrong.

Daycare providers knew full well the leverage they had over people by and large and they appeared to be taking full advantage of it! She had only needed Kevin watched for six hours today, but she was being forced to pay for the entire week! It was robbery only under a different name in her book.

Such injustices had always rankled and even infuriated her. More often than not the perpetrators of these injustices were overlooked and allowed to continue on unchallenged. Free to continue raking in the money and dealing out abuse to people. That was why she devoted all of her time when she wasn't working a job or spending time with Kevin to the effort of bringing to justice those who had hurt Kevin.

It wasn't right what had happened to him and even now the same thing was still being done to thousands, if not millions of babies each year. It was doubtful that she, despite all of her efforts, would ever make any lasting impact, but she was still going to try because it was the right thing to do. As long as she was alive she would be a voice for Kevin and the growing millions suffering just like him.

It didn't matter if no one would listen to her. She wasn't stopping her work. A successful, meaningful life, came down to doing the right things in the time that was allotted for each to live. Her continued persistence in seeing that Kevin received justice was simply the right thing to do. Bill pulled up at the curb and she got out.

"Thanks Bill I won't be long." She disappeared into the building.

Apparently the clerk was still off nursing his hand and face as there was no one around the front desk. She opened the door to her room and felt a wave of relief course through her.

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