Agent for a Cause (Chapter Five - Good and Plenty, page 1 of 4)

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Anna added yet one more item to the overflowing shopping cart. Yes she was splurging, but in a good way. She looked at the items in the cart and felt humbled by what they represented. Other than for a few items just for her, everything else was for Kevin.

She could only imagine what the gluten-free food would do for Kevin. It had killed her for years to not be able to feed him the food that was better for him, but gluten-free food and organic food was expensive and she hadn't been able to afford much of it. That had all changed since she had crossed the gap with her gentleman stalker and gotten personal.

Kind couldn't begin to even describe Tyre in her eyes. He was an angel and the answer to prayers that she had long since thought forgotten in the halls of heaven. He was also somewhat of a brutal angel. She'd heard all about what had happened to the front desk clerk this morning from Mrs. Reed.

She had seen the way the man had looked at her necklace and because of it she had slept with one hand on the pistol that Tyre had given her. She needn't have bothered as Tyre had taken care of the problem, howbeit, somewhat brutally.

She was fully aware that her knight in shining armor had a dark side. How dark she wasn't sure yet, but she was confident that it would never surface out against her or Kevin.

Heroes with dark sides to them deserved to be loved too and that was just what Tyre was to her. He was her hero and she'd defend him to anybody! True to his word, he was at her apartment at nine this morning to help her move.

Moving hadn't really happened. Truth was she didn't have anything worth moving except for a few clothes and toys of Kevin's. Kevin had pitched a fit about his computer so they'd taken that old relic to the new apartment to appease him.

Her first freak out moment of the day had been when she had checked the bank account and seen how much money was in it. The IRS would be knocking on the front door for sure, but she'd still have some even after they were through with her.

The next freak out moment had come when she'd seen the apartment. Luxury was a small word to describe it. The bathroom had a spa tub and a built in coffeemaker for goodness sake! She'd half expected to find herself and Kevin being moved into Tyre's apartment and if the truth was to be known she wouldn't have been too much against that.

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