Agent for a Cause (Chapter Four - Date Night, page 1 of 12)

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I hadn't intended on returning to Philadelphia for quite some time prior to my confrontation with Anna. Instead I had been looking forward to spending some peaceful down time at my home, but that was off for now.

I stepped into the bar an hour earlier than usual and made my way to my seat. I hadn't seen Anna yet and I was beginning to feel alarmed, when she suddenly appeared by my side.

I looked at her in surprise, "Aren't you working?"

With a curve of her lips and a telling smile she said, "I asked for the night off when I saw you come in. I thought we might go out on a date."

She'd completely taken me by surprise yet again! With an impish smile she tugged me off my seat towards the door. I was the source of envious male stares as we made our way to the door.

We stepped outside into the muggy evening air. I was in a near panic of indecision as to what to do, so much so that I slightly stuttered as I asked, "I …..ah. Where do you want to go?"

She looked up at me out of her compelling green eyes and asked, "Where do you usually take your girlfriends out on a date?"

It was embarrassing to admit what I had to.

"I've never taken a girl out on a date. Actually I've never had a girlfriend to start."

Oh this was awkward! Her eyes seemed to glow softly with some soft emotion and then she said, "Well I guess I'll be your first then."

What did she mean by that? Her eyes changed and the humor that always seem to be near the surface came back out as she tugged on my arm leadingly towards the parked taxi. I recognized the taxi driver as Bill and I realized how neatly I had been set up. She was good!

I opened the door of the taxi for her and her eyes danced in merriment, as she brushed past me to get in. I got in and Bill started off, leaving me to wonder where we were headed to. I glanced at her, but she wasn't given anything away. Her hand had captured mine when I had sat down and I looked down at our connection of touch.

She had entangled her fingers with mine. As a rule I didn't like being touched, but as shocking as her touch was I didn't mind her touching me at all. Everything was so completely different with her!

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Cheap date."

And that was all she would say. Later I stared in surprise at the mall entrance before us as Bill pulled away from the curb, with a smile on his face.

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