Agent for a Cause (Chapter Two - Anxious for More, page 1 of 3)

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Anna looked around after she had dropped off Kevin. No sign of her stalker friend. A smile came to her lips as she started down the dirty walled hall.

She hadn't intended to go so far last night, but she was glad she had. The quiet guy with the hat and the calm unflackable demeanor had intrigued her from the start. He hadn't been so calm last night though. She'd rattled the cage he put around himself pretty hard.

It had been so fun! Fun that is up until the moment he had told her what he did for a living. She shivered as she felt the extra weight of her purse from the pistol contained inside.

He took people's lives and yet he was trying to save hers, what an odd combination. What are you doing Anna?

That was a hard question to answer, but right now she really hoped her quiet admirer would be back at the bar tonight. She'd said he was her boyfriend, but that was really up to him to decide. She just hoped she hadn't scared him off.

It had been nice having someone to walk her back to her apartment in the night. She hadn't had to fear that every shifting shadow was some possible assailant. He would be mad with her when he found out she'd spent the taxi money elsewhere.

In a way it was nice to have someone mad at her. It meant at least someone cared whether she lived or died. She'd given up on her faith when the hits had just kept on coming. The stranger's charity was the first bright spot in her life in a long time.

She swallowed down her apprehension as she stepped out onto the street. Her walk to work wasn't much safer in the daylight then it was at night. Someone whistled and she cringed inwardly and hurried on.

"Hey you, miss, stop!"

She glanced toward the voice and saw a taxi driver with his head stuck out a window. Unsure of what was going on she diverted slightly and stepped out toward the cab.

The taxi driver had a picture in his hand, "Yep, you're the broad. Get in."

Anna her face cautious asked, "You were told to come pick me up?"

"Yep. Been paid to bring you back too."

Anna straightened up. How had he known?

"This man, did he have a hat?"

"Sure did. Now I don't know about you miss, but I don't like staying around this neighborhood anymore than I have to."

Anna nodded and got in and sat still in the back seat as the driver pulled away from the curb. He looked in the rear view mirror at her, "Names Bill miss, guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other."

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