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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The Kalahary Desert starts where another culture showed up, the Inca and Machu Pichu people who conquered the West of the 180 degree latitude of the Equador, and as a matter of fact, he succeeded in marking up for the area, as they were building a new castle. Mr John Lander was deeply in love with Anca Vladescu, only that she had never been in love with him altogether.

The empire was about to be build up until the year 2026 and they all gathered round a table. They walked as they needed to gather rain into a stove. The bucket was filled with water and they all went around it and they wet the flowers.

They left the building of the castle after it’s being build as they packed for Australia and build a new civilization. They saw within a nightmare that Cleopatra was alive for a few seconds... She was not alive, and Anca Vladescu was in the Kalahary Desert to visit it’s new people.

When Zenolxy was an important maritimal port in Kalahary Desert to the Amazon river as a sea, New Delhy was an important city of the painting. This happened as he was a very interesting painter, Mr. Salvador Dali, and he was a rupestry painter, who was killed by the pouring rain.

Calcutta was about to come out as the first member of the cities of the Desert land of Kalahary andof the Amazon river-bed area.

The river-bed area used to be an important tourist attraction, which was ruined during the Inca empire, by the reason of the torrential rain.

The Kalahary Desert was full of rocks, and there was no water at all around them, only cactus that bite their pray at their stung. They dragged water within a bucket and the camel used to drink the water.

While Cleopatra Satra went out for a walk, they awaited for her to build up a new castle. The new found castle was about to be build up, and they all gathered gold, so that they can pay for the bill for having lifted to a castle.

The castle was about to be build up expensively, and they expected they should obtain a very respectful idea of building up for a castle that was about to become an important touristic attraction.

The Castle of Bristlestonehenge was at a very high price and, to put things rightfully and righteously, they were in the city of Calcutta, near Calcutta river-bed area, which means that they were in the forest land of the Amazonya tree forest, and they gathered wood for the building of the ships or of the castle.

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