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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

When they arrived, they arrived well in the village of Siad. The villagers were not there, and they arrived in a pack of wolves. The wolves had a master, who was tired and bored of all the problems they had as a mater of fact, and they did not catch the pray.Their pray was not I and I got tired altogether one day when that happened.

The matter was that they were a pack of wolves that attacked during the night, and, to put things right, they went to the desert dressed up in white cloths.

As a matter of fact, I did not know where my books were, and my grade notebook was missing. They tried to steal money and the school. The school, having been there on the spot, they wandered the dogs within a forest.

I was getting rest between two branches so huge of an oak tree, together with some mates and a teacher as a surveiller, who was, in fact, wandering school children for recognizing muscles upon a tree, in order to get 4 in lack of a compass or a solar system as I am not sailing, wandering not in search for love.

Actually, we were biologists who would recognize the sponge or their umbrellas that were not crazy, nor brown. During that time of the year, the spring of the 15th of April 2001, there were not raspberries in the forest, but daffodils and violet flowers that we, the schoolchildren did not gather, but admire.

The wolves could stroll in the forest for a while, and, in order to scary them out while playing football on a pitch, and while leaving cloths on the pitch, they actually gathered...

The wolves moved their pack right into the Desert Island of Man, which was their favorite to attack. The attack was about to begin as soon as they gathered for life.

They did not know how to attack. A wolf got attacked by a reindeer, which was cut off in pieces and then, through a gate, it became a reindeer.

The reindeer was string enough to realize that a reindeer can walk or wander around a tree house.

To continue with, they all gathered in the Desert of Kalahary, and they tried to find out water all within a layer or a wheeze of desert land.

The Desert of Kalahary was all right with their stroll all within the desert land, as they could find out water not there, while driving their hoard of cattle there, mostly bison, and bison wandered in the prairie of the Kalahary Desert.

Kalahary Desert was a rocky place, which was abounding not in rocky vegetation upon rocks, mostly made up of cactus and palm trees or oak trees.

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