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Chapter 3

Chapter Three

The desert looked fine right through the lenses of this man, Jim Norvada, who was in fact a very fine man to follow by his companiers who did nothing but went all by themselves right next to a compasses, that indicated the exact location of the places and the time it was and this showed the orienting point , which had involved leaving there soon.

They went altogether fine right next to the compass which indicated the solar system that was to become a solar system to foresee the fact that he was a very nice man that was to become a very nice man to look out for, Ioan Vladescu.

This man, Ioan Vladescu left Alexandru at a time that he was only seventeen at a time that they wished to go there, in the Desert of Kalahary.

The Kalahary Desert was, in fact, a very nice desert island that never gave him much to impress a lady that was actually, a very nice desert island that made it to impress a gentleman like him.

A gentleman would walk by his shoes and run altogether fine with him leaving the trip that had costed like 1000 Euros, which was at a time so delightful to watch the pigeons that lifted up to the daylight, that they felt no sorry about their having so soon left the place up until the afternoon.

The afternoon was to become a very nice moment to look out to and it was to become a very moment to look out for and it was to become a very nice shade out of warmth, which was to impress a single lady there, whom he treasured the most of all and at most of all reasons. The most treasured reason was that he went there by daylight and, to begin with, they were fine with the idea of him getting back with his spare time and, mostly of all, they were fine with the story of a man whom he treasured the most of all, a man of fine arts and fine style that needed no approbation at all.

He did a lot to impress Anca, who was altogether right within the mankind that was to become preserved by beauty and style.

The daylight had began as they were able to impress a single buzz of the air and to make it to believe to a gazelle that they could go like on the zebra crosswalk.

The zebra had white and black stripes into the photos they made for her until they had no more photo positions. Then, a lion showed up and they slipped over the photo camera.

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