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Chapter 2

The Desert Isle of Mann, which had been closed up to the sommet of a wave and then closed up nicely, softly and swiftly and altogether rightfully. Mr. Ioan Vladescu went there and he was a well-born and educated young man, who was in fact, a witty, courageous and bright young man in his second year of study of his IT university studies.

They all expected for a salary raise, not a fall in expectation of another child, who was not way ahead.

The expectation was that he is a man of bravery who never failed to succeed in doing a well-done job. That was the reason why he never failed to catch up with the IT technology that was enough to make a single eye-sight of a bird’s eye view to make a photo shootage so fine, that a matter like this was to be discussed further more.

The reason for his modifying a few or many more photos is that he needed those photos for a newspaper that sold them as they could not manufacture them.

They all were there ready to head towards the shore and they were said to have eaten beef roasted upon a stick that was very caught up with the meat and was warmly fried over. Anca did not miss them at the meal, nor the thyme was missing away out of the food. Anca fried up the steak and she stirred the fire up. They could notice it was a cold night, as they trembled within their blankets.

Round the fire, they used to talk about many issues, among which there were fish and chips, gazelles, lions or others.

Kalahary was cold and desert, there they were, having meal and talking each one to another, whilst only an echo of each one of them was to be understood right within the cold night.

When the day showed up, there was much heat around of them... Then, they knew they had to find a wheeze of fresh air, that was already fine...

An interesting job he had, but he made it to go away like astray... The desert island was not his due course of water, and that is why he never made it to believe that he would become a famous analyst researcher, nor did he become more acquainted to the fact that he had done this job some time earlier and he knew this as he was a very nice man who never missed a single daylight to come that he should follow up to the meanwhile.

In the meantime, he ran to see his relative, Lucretzia, to the door. They all gathered as if they had been assembled by the union to arrive, and so, they were all happy with the fact that they were about to get married, that they were altogether fine one without another... They baptized their child as their child as Alexandru and then they walked through the altar...

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