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Chapter 2

Chapter Two

There was lying Death Valley, which was full of rocks after a heavy rain, which had been intended to make a long trip to Sahara Desert and the Island of Man was about to begin where it ended, the desert Isle of Man, which had been there in front of the water drainage, so cold that year, so cold that night.

There were temperatures of about 50 degrees Celsius. That is why they never made it to impress a single lady in our days that was about to conquer the desert of Kalahary , but if they went to the Kalahary desert, they went within the land of people.

They are obviously right about a single person , who is still alive and carrying for the others for no reason, she, Cleopatra Şatra.

They are with the idea of making a trip right into the Kalahary Desert.

Kalahary Desert was to obtain a famous name, after having been invented by the Ştancovicescu Vlad, who was to become a famous inventor or a research analyst, who did nothing but calculation issues.

Kalahary Desert lies within the border of the Isle of Man, and Scyllie and Charibdae was about to be closed within two walls of water right inside the Isle of Man. Mr. John Feinster, who was another leader of the boat carriage that went there to Kalahary Desert, was about to come back.

They all went by boat after the train journey. They had found it interesting to stay and talk for some time, not much, but very much alike the others.

They all went there and sunbathed upon their wrist. They knew nothing about what was about to happen when their nephew , Ioan Vladescu was about to become a very known and famous explorer of nature and sciences, as he wished for so and who had his bag stuffed to a jar of macaroni and cheese and he had never had a luxurious car to tremble it’s engine, the car’s engine that went fast there, was all right.

Then, they all left that day without having noticed that they all liked each other’s partner for life and they liked the fact that they enjoyed each other’s eyes, so precious and dear to the one they liked and enjoyed right as soon as they were finding themselves right within each other’s arms and, to put things rightfully, they went to pay for a visit.

The Scyllie and the Charibdae were there to arise out of the ground, right beneath the earth ground and the water of the sea-side was light and full of phito-plancton.

The Adriatic Sea was a famous resort right next to Kalahary Desert, which was a little more severely lacking water drainage. There are high temperatures, of above 10 degrees Celsius up to 60 degrees Celsius.

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