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Chapter 1

Chapter one

Rosemary, rosemary, rosemary and thyme go altogether fine.. Garlic altogether resembles like thyme only if they should go altogether well within a drink, something like water...

Anca can submerge to a fish that can be fried over right within a pot, it can never be found in the sea-shell fish, as it can give an interesting type of taste for the food and Anca liked cooking the meal like that, rosemary being put within the pot.

Anca has put the cauliflower in the food, and then, the slippery fish was to be fried altogether with the garlic. Those having been fried over, they had been ready for being served as cold to tomatoes. The cauliflower to oven was excellent, but rosemary gave it a different aroma, a different taste, and a better feeling.

While Anca was cooking, the scent was lifting up to the ceiling. No sooner did she put the thyme right into the cooking pot, when the phone rang.

That is the last time that she could ever cook before having left to the Kalahary Desert, which was full of rocks and there were many issues concerning food there, as there were no sea-shells, nor a single bottle of wine or water, nothing to wetten the neck to.

They packed up the bottles of water and of drinks that were in fact very fine. The idea of their having left the room, them being stuffed with a dozen of eggs and a few potatoes, the door showed up right in front of them.

The potatoes were fried over and over again, but because they were to fill out the food which was necessary to supply energy within an empty stomach before the launch of the trip.

The big trip to the Kalahary Desert was so costly, that they went there by a train, a modernized train, that was so costly because the train ran faster than an ostrich.

A dromader used to carry out luggage within the Gobby Desert, near Sahara, the desert where there are temperatures high up to 45 degrees Celsius and above 5-6 degrees Celsius during the night , which had meant that Ecuador was there at the 90 degrees longitude of the east and west and of 175 degree latitude of the N-S-E-Western points... The desert of Sahara was a long, desert place of a valley that stood in the way for Denver port, where Massachusetts spreads a Death Valley, near California.

Death Valley, a land of marsh and of rocks is spread there right next to the scarce vegetation, which received very little rain and that could only happen during the night every night every once in a while.

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