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The Kalahary Desert

To begin the story of the Inca and Machu Pichu settlement in the Kalahary Desert, there were once some ruins of a castle, the castle of Bristlestonehenge... Those are not ruined, the Inca and Machu Pichu people, only that they were, in fact, so exquisitely in love, that they repopulated the land of Inca and Machu Pichu Desert of Kalahary...

The land was to become a huge discovery on earth, which is a small issue concerning love and hatred, food and dangers ahead.

Kalahary Desert is about to become repopulated, so as they can suffer 41 degrees Celsius, which is a fine temperature to them, only that they have but warmth. There is water in the neighborhood area, like Amazon gathers clouds every day, above even Gobby Desert land or Sahara Desert. There is summer all of the time and they can sunbathe either way, either how, only that they wear clean, white cloths, so that heat can not tear them apart.

The Inca people are friendly and, to begin with, they made friends here in Romania, in a small village without importance, so as the communa of Craiva.

Should I continue, there are the ruins and and a mummy. Should she come alive, Cleopatra is to become another one to someone she likes.

She has never hidden her face; I saw her on a documentary on television. She could breathe the air, but not moving... The stripes were white and she could not move...

That is a mummy, who never moved a finger as a ruler, but she would, in the year 2019 or 2020, as she never had a man before, but might and she might and she might...

When she was a mummy, she never listened to music, but was not worthy, worthy upon earth...She only stood still and preserved by a doctor, who never betrayed her looking at him and her not looking at him. This happens as she was a single woman, who never did anything to hide love.

She could never imagine that her betrayal can mean much of something as she wandered around a table.

So, they went in the Kalahary Desert, which was a very important region. That region was to become populated , but their houses destroyed... Their Sphinx was to be destroyed, and their pyramids altogether destroyed , as they were convex and the people migrated... The World Trade Center was high and was destroyed, as it was high or not... I should not speak so, but these are the facts looking-like, as the Keops was high and painted by a famous painter, who died at their doing a pyramid painting. Salvador Dali had died crashed. He has never made it to impress the lady, who was a single lady trapped in a castle...

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