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Chapter 4

Self-Perception and Past Experiences

As our beliefs form the “hangers” in our closet of self-awareness, our past experiences and conclusions regarding these beliefs form our “clothes” of self-perception. Simply put, self-perception is how we see ourselves, the judgments we make about ourselves and the overall value we place on ourselves. It doesn't matter whether or not our self-perception is formed from logical or accurate conclusions. We can as easily form our self-perception on assumptions coming from misunderstandings and lies. We file everything away in our mind and form our self image based on what we think is true.

Self-perception colors our choices and experiences resulting from these decisions. Sometimes, our experiences can define our self-image. Often, they reinforce it. If our perception is based on faulty conclusions or misunderstanding, intertwining experiences and perceptions can trap us in a vicious cycle that keeps us trapped in one spot. These traps are called “patterns” and will be discussed later.

In order to find out who you are right now, you must first find out where you have been. It is time to find that young child-self waiting within and take a trip in your own personal time machine. And the worksheets you do as you take this journey through time will show you images of who you were, who you are now and who you might want to become in the future. You might discover bad circumstances, poor choices and false beliefs which have held you back. You might be confronted with emotions and feelings which you may have repressed. This is a very good thing. It just means that the things which really bother you are trying to get out and be dealt with so you can move on and create the future you deserve, live the life you are meant to live and attract everything you want.

However, it is extremely important for me to emphasize that you do NOT have to go through this alone. If at any point you feel overwhelmed, depressed or like you want to hurt yourself or anyone else, please get help immediately. There are free crisis hot lines available. Call 911. Contact your physician or someone you trust. Do whatever you feel is necessary, but get help!

In the following worksheets, you will travel back and forth in time, from the time you were a young child until you see yourself at 84. We know that our personalities are pretty much formed by age five. So let's start at age six. On each page, please visualize everything about yourself. If you have trouble visualizing, you might choose to listen to a favorite song, let a familiar smell trigger memories, draw, dance or act out a situation like your younger self might have.

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